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Universal Car & Truck Pet
 Seat Cover Hammock 
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  • KEEP YOUR CAR INTERIOR CLEAN EFFORTLESSLY– Now road trips with your doggy can be as hassle-free as possible since the Lovely Pet ultimate car seat dog cover will prevent mud, dirt, scratches, hair, spills, and drips from ruining your precious car upholstery.
  •  THE #1 ALL-INCLUSIVE CAR SEAT DOG COVER – Our scratch-proof rear seat hammock cover comes with 3 AMAZING extra accessories every dog owner needs. This all-in-one set includes 1 x handy dog seat car belt, 1 x life-saving dog hair removal roller and 1 x ergonomic carrying case for your maximum convenience!
  •  SPEND LESS TIME CLEANING AFTER YOUR PET – Thanks to its generous size and ergonomic hammock design, our auto rear seat dog mat covers the entire rear part of your car, thus protecting it from your dog’s nails or messy fur. Plus, the back seat cover is extremely easy to clean and maintain, since it’s machine washable.
  •  NON-SLIP & WATERPROOF FOR HAPPY PETS & HAPPIER OWNERS – The Lovely Pet robust seat cover is 100% waterproof, so it prevents dog urine from ruining your car seats. In addition, its non-slip texture will keep it firmly in place without sliding every time you hit the breaks or your doggy moves around!
Will It Fit?
Will Fit Trucks, Suv, Car's, Adjustable Straps 
14.6 x 11.8 x 4.3 inches

New 2018 Special Edtion Bonus Added 
Limited Offer - 1 Free Lint Brush For  That Pesky Hair On Seat Covers or Your Self.
1 - Complimentary Storage  Canvas Bag  
Defend the Castle.
Install It And Uninstall It Fast And With Ease!
The dog seat cover has a very simple design and to install it you just need to place it over the back seat and buckle the straps around the headsets.
The non-slip backing will keep the protective seat mat in place, even when your dog moves all around like crazy!
To remove it, simply unbuckle the straps. And if you want to clean it, rinse it with water, wipe it or wash it in the washing machine.
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